Asst. Sales Manager

Hyderabad, Telangana, India Full-time


  • To be an inbound and outbound sales champion and personally deliver results. Establish and farm key accounts. 
  • Hire, train and get results out of a sales team. 
  • Bring in and drive the practice of consultative sales. 
  • Come up with competition-beating sales strategies and set up new revenue channels. 

Desired Skills and Experience:

  •  The candidate should have held a minimum of 4- 6 years in a managerial sales position in market research. 

Who should apply: 

  • Individuals with a strong understanding of the needs of different stakeholders and the ability to customize solutions accordingly. 
  • Consultative sales professionals with experience of managing teams and coordinating with different functions within an organization 
  • Professionals with the passion to drive results from themselves and their team. 
Perks and Growth Opportunities: 
  • Most competitive pay in the industry. 
  • We are a results-driven meritocracy. You show us results and your growth would be exponential.